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Service and quality are what really matter at HAPUTA. Whether your company seeks or custom packaging products, you can rest assured that our highly trained team will constantly strive to provide you with competitive pricing, prompt delivery, excellent communication and the very best in customer service in order to ensure your total satisfaction.

At HAPUTA Packaging, we offer products to meet all of your company's packaging needs. We manufacture many kinds of plastic bottles, closures and other packaging, you will find we have what it takes to meet your needs.

We also offer the ability to custom-make your packaging.  

Need some help? Please contact us with any question you might have!

Having over 16 years in the packaging industry and our own ISO certified production facility in China we are able to use our knowledge and relationships to raise the bar to offer our customers with competitive pricing.

We offer advanced logistic support  to seamlessly handle the ocean/air transportation, duty and custom clearance to make sure your order is quickly delivered.
Competitive Pricing

To be competitive in today's beauty industry requires custom items that are both captivating and compelling. It requires the product to be convenient, yet refreshing and new. That's why HAPUTA Packaging works harder, longer and smarter to deliver a more cost-effective option for your custom order needs. . 

We can make a private mold to suit virtually any customer's need. Whether your company is in need of PET/PETG/PP/HDPE bottles, airless bottles, glass products, acrylic containers, or other products, we can produce the items you need in the colors and styles that you choose using our high quality manufacturing process. We can then further customize your items using a variety of methods including the customization of color, finish, and printing that will make your products unique to your brand.
Customer Satisfaction
Prompt Delivery
We respond to all questions throughout the entire branding process and help solve any concerns that arise. Our customers can expect a high level of satisfaction with our prompt sales team and expert logistics team.


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